Bond Back Cleaning Services

* Thorough house clean


* Full kitchen clean including
oven and inside cupboards


* Full bathroom clean including
toilet, shower, sinks, mirrors


* Bedroom general dusting and
furniture surface wiping


* Full mop wash on tiles, floor-boards and vacuum up of dust and dirt where needed

End Of Lease Cleaning

Detailed list of what we cover in your clean:


* Full wipe, wash and polish of all bench surfaces

* Full inside clean out of cupboards and draws, old food scraps, marks and dust

* Full wipe down and thorough clean of sink and metal surfaces

* Full clean of tiles, grout and cooking marks, degreased and soaped

* Full clean of oven, inside and out grease, built up food scraps, and trays

* General dusting and wipe down of all kitchen areas and appliances


* Full wipe down of bathroom benches

* Full inside and outside of bathroom cupboards and draws, marks and dust

* Full wipe down and thorough clean of sinks, taps, nobs

* Full clean of tiles, grout, degreased and soaped

*Full clean of shower, glass, grout in tiles, clean and polish

* Full clean of toilet, dusted and wiped down inside and out

* Full clean and wipe down of mirrors

* Full clean of floors moped and cleaned


* Full dusting throughout all of your home, furniture, light switches, skirting boards, picture frames, rails, etc

* Full clean of doors and door handles

* Full clean and dust of wooden furniture and wipe down if necessary

* Full Window glass cleaning (as a separate service please see our Window Cleaning Prices)

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